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Stewardship Course

Stewardship Course

Saturday, 6 April 2019

City Gates Church

Start Time
10 AM

End Time
4.30 PM


On this one-day interactive course, we will explore our God-given responsibility to wisely manage what God has given to us.

Through a combination of Bible study and practical workshops, we will learn about the management of God’s continuous provision; and how to create a financial plan including, basic budgeting and debt repayment strategy.

This course is fun and interactive; and will assist you in understanding and implementing God’s plan for us to become good Stewards.

Join us and discover how it can become a reality for you.

Info for the course is as follows:

Introduction to Biblical Stewardship
– Leaving a Legacy

Budgeting & Managing Money Well
– Dealing with Debt & Creating a Savings Plan

Harmony between the Master and the Servant
– Final Q&A Session


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