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Restored Lives

Restored Lives

6 Week Course
Commencing Monday 13th May

City Gates Church

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Restored Lives is a 6 week course for men and women of any age. We meet weekly to support and empower you to move forward from the breakdown of a relationship. We come alongside you with an attitude of love to encourage, comfort and bring hope for a brighter future.

By providing practical tips and information, Restored Lives will support and empower you to move forward to feel free from past issues and to live a restored life.

You will be equipped with tools and skills to discuss the complex issues you face. Your privacy and confidence will be respected in a safe environment.

Restored Lives is run annually and is based on the course originally developed by Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB).


Topics Covered:

• Facing the effects of what’s happened

• Communication and conflict resolution

• Letting go

• Legal matters

• Managing other relationships

• Being single and moving forward


REGISTER: 6-Week Course (£30)