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Special Needs Ministry

Our Mission

As a Special Needs Ministry, our mission statement is to demonstrate the true love of Jesus in the life of the church. We are passionate that all children with special needs have the opportunity to:

1) Come to the knowledge of who God is. 2) Know Jesus as their personal saviour.

3) Develop their spiritual growth including learning Biblical truths, experiencing fellowship, and serving others.

4) Discover God-given talents so that “they may ALL be established according to the gospel of Jesus Christ”. Romans 16:25

What We Provide

Children with special needs cover a range of conditions, some of which include autism spectrum condition, global developmental delay, communication difficulties, down syndrome, dyslexia, hearing impairment, visual impairment, emotional difficulties, physical disabilities and other needs. As a team we will provide the following support:

  • Differentiated teaching (e.g. using simplified language, pictures, symbols and videos, etc. to support understanding)
  • Access to smaller group teaching
  • Quieter environments to learn in
  • Training to Junior and Youth Teachers to promote inclusion
  • Adaptations to the environment to make it more communication friendly

Planning Meetings

We plan for each child or young person with special needs
(from birth to adulthood) to be offered the opportunity to develop an individual program to help him/her grow spiritually. The format used for planning this program is the “Jesus Plan”. This plan is developed by a team of people chosen by the child and his/her family.

The Team is led by a Special Needs Co-ordinator. The team may also compromise of pastoral staff and other special friends. During the team meetings, spiritual goals are identified and specific plans are made to help the child and his family reach these goals.

Who We Are

Within our team, we have a group of specialist teachers with a vast range of experience working with children and young people with special needs. Our team consists of a Special Needs Co-ordinator and allocated resource teachers within the junior church and youth church ministries to ensure that our children can be able to access the word of God.

We work on a rotation of Sunday morning (09:30 and 11:30) and Friday (evening youth) services each month to provide support for children with special needs.

Please speak to a member of the Special Needs Team, Siobhan Cunningham (Children’s Ministry Director) or Pastor Daniel Shillingford (Youth Pastor) for information about the weeks and services we are available.