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Christmas is coming and following a difficult financial year for so many, we would like to support families who may not be in a financial position to give gifts to their children. 

During the Christmas half term, City gates will be providing meals for children who would normally receive free school meals whilst at school. We thought it would be a wonderful idea to give these children a gift with their meal. We also wanted to bless the children of our own church family who might have financial restrictions currently. Could you virtually buy a Christmas gift for one of our community children and/or a child from our congregation?

Due to government restrictions we cannot accept actual gifts from each individual but below you will see a ‘donate’ button. Enter the amount you would like to give, and we will purchase a gift on your behalf. 

If you would like to refer a child of a family from within our congregation that we could bless with a gift please call the office on 0208 514 0188 or email leaving your name, contact number and the age and gender of the child, and that child will be added to our list.

‘Thank you’ to each one of you for continuing to support our local community and our church family in a loving, yet practical way.